The business was founded in 1960 by an intuition of the owner, Mr. Pier Luigi Prato, who from his blacksmith activity, as an employee of a family-owned company, understanding that with the evolution of the machineries, that imposed the transformation of agricultural equipment, up to that time pulled by animals, with engine-powered equipment, decided to take care of repairs and marketing of agricultural vehicles.

Setting himself on his own, thanks to its entrepreneurial skills and economic development, he was able to quickly turn a small business into a reality that from the beginning has been a landmark at the provincial level and beyond.

In 1970, the current Head Office was established on the basis of a project developed according to criteria of avant-garde for the times and that he still possesses optimal conditions for conducting business in constant evolution.

Over the years we have represented the most important Manufacturers in the agricultural sector, both Italian and foreign, and, on several occasions, we were on the first place in national sales so as to be taken for example in the publications of the same Manufacturers.

By the time the company has diversified products for sale, providing first to import machinery and equipment for gardening and, subsequently, for earth moving; in more recent times the range has been further enlarged, following the market demand, with the inclusion of vehicles and equipment for the construction industry and logistics.

The company's strategy is, however, still oriented to seize any kind of opportunity offered by the market, ranging in areas that currently are considered more receptive, with a willingness to invest in order to stay in step with the times and continue the improving trend, in the spirit that has always characterized the commercial policy of Mr. Prato.
Over the years, our company has developed an impressive network of authorized service centers, approximately 180, which are spread throughout the country. As far as we have used a wide variety of the best brands, find out more please contact our sales staff.